About the Instructors

Bill Clark -  Under my father's watchful eye, I fired my first  shot at the age of 6 through a .22 revolver.  I don't even remember if I hit the target, but I was hooked.  For the next 8 years I shot infrequently. When I was pursuing my Rifle Shooting and Shotgun Shooting merit badge that I began shooting on a more regular basis. 

In 1995 while I began attending the University at Albany in pursuit of a degree in Computer Science.  During this period I was able to shoot only while home on weekends and during breaks, as they frown on keeping firearms in the dormitory.

In 2002 I became an NRA certified firearms instructor with the initial intent to teach the shotgun and rifle shooting merit badges to Boy Scouts.  I  have been teaching for over 8 years now.  My goal is to introduce new people to shooting and improve the skill of those already involved in the shooting sports. 

Although, I have won shooting competitions in rifle, shotgun and pistol my true passion lies in identifying the best teaching methods and applying those methods to benefit my students.

I currently live in Springfield, VA where I currently am employed as a government contractor in the telecommunications field

Kaan Canturk - My association with firearms started at a very young age.  Every family reunion, for a family full of Marines, revolves around firearms.  I spent summers out on the family farms shooting and working with the hunting dogs.  I have fond memories of sitting in the car, so young I was unable to see out of the window, and just arriving at the Fairfax Rod and Gun Club for family days at the range.  My family is so “pro gun” that on the weekend of the Million Mom March (also the weekend of my 21st birthday), my mother was taking me out to buy my first handgun.

In high school I joined the Army JROTC unit.  I excelled with military discipline.  In 1995, the high school allowed my JROTC unit to install an indoor rifle range and our high school rifle team was born.  My ability to shoot and my strict adherence to safety on the line granted me the position of Rifle Team Capitan and Range Officer.  In college I spent evenings and weekends at the range competing in pistol competitions. 

Between the Army youth leadership programs in high school and my 3 years in Army ROTC in college, I’ve qualified “expert”  6 times with the M16.  My passion for America’s Black Rifle was started before I could drive a car.  I’ve read about, built, and/or fired just about every variation of this very versatile rifle in my short life time. 

I currently work as a civilian contractor for Army Human Resource Command as a combat analyst. 

Rex -

On a hot June day I remember fighting with wrapping paper, scrabbling to open the box of my Model 1894 Daisy, my 8th birthday present from my parents. It was my constant companion that summer and many summers after, hiking through West Virginia forest, or practicing my marksmanship on paper targets and cardboard bb traps. It was the beginning of what proved to be a life long hobby.

Coming from a family filled with law enforcement and ex-military, firearm safety had been drilled into my head from an early age. Combine that with an aptitude for things mechanical and firearm collecting & shooting, (especially semi-automatics and old military surplus) became a natural niche for me to fall into after graduating from college. I have found that a large part of the joy of this hobby is spreading that passion and knowledge to others.

I am currently employed as a government contractor in the IT field.